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Website Development and Maintainance

Welcome from Fusion Info Soft!

We at fusion info soft, offers you following products/services.

Our main focus area is Website developing using PHP and mysql (as backend)

second focus area is mobile app development (android)

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Web Site Developement & Maintenance
We offer creation of website and mentainance of site including SEO and promotion of site. While domains and websites are closely connected, they are two very different things. After registering a domain, you need to do something with it, put it to work for you. Your domain can be used for a website, for an email account, or for both. You can, however, register a domain and choose NOT to use it for a website or an email account, BUT you can’t have a website or an email account without a domain. Read More
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Mobile Application Development
Todays mobile users your customers your employees expect interaction with you at their fingertips. Start today with your own mobile apps. Mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Several initiatives exist both from mobile vendor and mobile operators around the world. Application developers can propose and publish their applications on the stores like Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store, Ovi app store.
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Software Development & Support
We have the expertise and the experience to offer development catering offshore software development projects. Tech support has one on one interaction with customers and on many instances they can get some valuable ideas from the end users for potential product improvement. It is a competitive world out there – the best of software today has to constantly evolve in order to stay in the race.
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Microsoft Solutions
For an application development for your business or personal user Fusion Info Soft can deliver benefits beyond cost savings.
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Ecommerce Solutions
Are you looking for the best ECommerce solution? Through which you can quickly set up your ecommerce store and start selling instantly.
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Open Source Solutions
We at Fusion Info Soft focus on providing product development services that are tailored to individual clients needs with open source solutions
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