Real working LAN WAN example in offices
Real example of working of LAN and WAN. In real world, WAN is working as:-
Suppose a company has its head office in Mumbai and offices in each city across country India.
Now structure of one office will be as:- Each pc in the office will be connected to a switch of n-port via LAN cables.
The switch of this office will be connected to router of this office. Here to note that each office will be having one router.
Now router of the office will be connected to main server suitated at head office via Wireless network life RF/VSAT/LEASE LINE(WIRED NETWORK)/3G/4G ETC.
The hardware of any of these network will also having its modem/router at the concern office, so that router of office can be linked to these networks via network own modem/router via LAN CABLE/SERIAL CABLE/USB CABLE.

Office lan

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